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Personal exhibition from life

The personal exhibition is the crowning achievement of every artist's creative work: it is from springboard for emerging artists, who offer their works for the first time to an attentive and passionate public and allows for enhance your journey historicizing it.

The strong point of each exhibition is the visibility and correct organization of all the activities linked to the success of the event. PassepARTout, thanks to its consolidated professionalism and its offices located within the prestigious exhibition halls of the UNAHOTELS - the most important Italian business and luxury hotel chain - offers a real and concrete exhibition opportunity, giving the works greater visibility than any other gallery in the world. 'art

No worries! We take care of everything, down to the smallest detail!

We value your art

Video exhibition

PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery offers virtual exhibitions, for the promotion and enhancement of emerging contemporary artists with a consolidated artistic career thanks to broadcasting NON-STOP of the images of the works chosen in accordance with the Board of PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery.

The Video Exhibition aims to broaden the visibility and study of cultural contents and creatives by developing, supporting and promoting a digital collection aimed at dialogue with the public in transit and visitors to the Expo Fiera Milano headquarters, the largest congress center in the immediate vicinity of Rho-Fiera Milano International with over 3000 mXNUMX of exhibition space and a fundamental point of reference for all those who visit the city of Milan and the fair district. Its large convention center can accommodate up to 2.900 people daily.

The artists can therefore count on the great visibility of the exhibited works.

Strengthened by this great visibility, the Video Exhibition is a valid tool for promoting and advertising contemporary artists who want to take advantage of this opportunity without incurring ancillary costs such as shipping, printing, materials for use and consumption, frames and more.
Included in the Video Exhibition, the artist will also benefit from the Social Media Marketing program which provides for the publication of each single work also on the Instagram and Facebook pages of PassepARTout among the featured stories for the agreed period.

The Video Exhibition, can be built ad hoc for each artist according to their needs.
It is possible to exhibit one or two works or create a one-month digital personal exhibition.

The images of the single works are enriched by technical details and by a presentation card of the artist.

"Thank you so much for all the work you've done; I'm really happy to have met a professional and attentive person like you in my artistic career, who knows how to value and appreciate the work of those who create. Thank you!"
Nadia Larosa
"Finding people like you, passionate and honest, even in proposing conditions to artists, personally gives me an extra brushstroke of confidence in painting myself a picture of the future."
Dan Barbieri

Personal exhibition

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PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery

PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery

Passepartout Unconventional Gallery
Ccurator and organizer of Art and Culture Exhibitions and is permanently present with its exhibition venues in 16 luxury and business structures in the UNA group (the most important Italian hotelier group, part of the Unipol Group) with which it has established a consolidated partnership for several years.
PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery.

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