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We believe that every individual, every Collector, every Artist is unique.

That's why we tailor our strategies to fit your individual needs.

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Services for Artists

We will listen to your requests to prepare a personalized action plan.

The art that furnishes

We will be able to advise you on the best by selecting the most suitable works for you 

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Taking advantage of the collaboration of qualified professionals, it is possible to request professional services:

PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery organizes personal, physical exhibitions and fairs at the exhibition venues selected PUG both International and National and virtual exhibitions at the main office Expo Fiera Milano
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PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery organizes collective or personal international exhibitions and fairs, physical from life at selected exhibition venues PUG, and/or virtual at the main gallery of Expo Fiera Milano a Pero.

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PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery proposes permanent physical (live) and/or virtual exhibitions in the exhibition venues PUG.

Be represented for art exhibitions such as "permanent artist” from the PassepARTout gallery undoubtedly offers a privileged channel for the promotion and growth as an artist

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PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery offers virtual exhibitions and personal video exhibitions, for the promotion and enhancement of emerging contemporary artists with a consolidated artistic career thanks to broadcasting NON-STOP of the images of the works. 

The Video Exhibition aims to broaden visibility and deepen cultural content and creatives by developing, supporting and promoting a digital collection aimed at dialogue with the public in transit and visitors to the Expo Fiera Milano venue, thanks to the use of maxi screens.

Strengthened by this great visibility, the Video Exhibition it is a good tool to promote and publicize your works.

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Analysis of artistic activity, personalized study of the artistic path aimed at pursuing the artist's personal objectives.

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Professional evaluation of your works of art with issuing of the Coefficient Evaluation Certificate issued by PassepARTout.

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The video interview is a unique opportunity to talk about yourself and let yourself be known as you are. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself, show your personality and tell the public directly how your works are born and convey your emotions.

From the comfort of your home or studio or in the elegant setting of our offices, with the intervention of our staff we will create a video interview aimed at dialogue with the most attentive and demanding audience. 

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Artistic criticism or critical essay is of fundamental importance for the artist in order to be able to present himself to the public in a professional manner. The critics and art historians with whom PassepARTout collaborates are able to analyze the works in an aesthetic, technical and historical context. The aim is to induce the reader to appreciate and positively evaluate the author's artistic production, thus broadening the perception of the intrinsic value of the work itself.

Making use of the collaboration of qualified art critics, upon request, it is possible to obtain professional criticism relating to the artist's poetics and work. A folder of contents equal to approximately 3500 characters (including spaces) is expected.

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Lasting about 3 minutes with slides of the works (up to 10 works, photos provided by the artist),  professional criticism written in superimposition, relating to the artist's poetics and work. A folder of contents equal to approximately 3500 characters (including spaces) is expected.

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Drafting of the artist's biographical text, including studies, participation in exhibitions and events.

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The publication of the artist's monographic catalog is a concrete recognition as well as a valid tool of “historicization” of the artist's artistic production and exhibition itinerary.

We design and manufacture il YOUR MONOGRAPH CATALOGUE from A to Z, with an attractive and contemporary layout.

In order to reduce printing costs and production, given the real need for continuous updating of the works, it is possible to create the catalog or brochure not only in paper format, but above all, in digital format, ready to be uploaded to your site, and easy to send via e-mail to your contacts.

The PassepARTout Staff is also able to create a online browsable catalogue.

The creation of the artist's monographic catalog includes files in PDF format for printing one or more works.
The file includes:

  • Study of the graphic project
  • Image processing provided by the artist
  • Professional critical text
  • Editing texts and titles of the works
  • Layout

Printing costs will vary according to the format, the number of pages, the weight of the paper and the type of cover. In this regard, PassepARTout has been collaborating for years with entrusted printers, where the quality/price ratio makes the service at the highest levels.

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With the increasingly pressing use of social networks, the use of high quality images in the promotion and dissemination of works of art is of fundamental necessity.

PassepARTout makes use of professional photographers, capable of satisfying all needs, taking care of every aspect of the process of creating the best photographs or videos, to enhance every work, every brushstroke or three-dimensionality in detail.

The goal is to make the vision of the work as real as possible, also through the digital vision of the same.

We also create your personal book, photographic portraits and interior settings for your Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • Photos of paintings and sculptures
  • Portraits for artists
  • Photo shooting for social pages (dedicated to the person)
  • Realization of mock-up interiors with works by the artist for Instagram posts

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Not sure how to manage your Instagram page?

Trust us, we'll do it for you by studying your personalized layout, publishing and sharing posts, stories and reels aimed at expanding your audience and acquiring a professional image that can distinguish you on the web.

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The website, if well done, represents an indispensable work tool for the artist:

  1. It allows you to be found by customers looking for you on Google, other search engines and social networks;
  2. Give a professional image of yourself;
  3. You have no territorial borders: it is a showcase on the world, open 24/24;
  4. With e-commerce you can sell directly to the customer without exhausting negotiations;
  5. Being present on social media is not enough. We need to give the interested collector or buyer the opportunity to learn more about the artist's work at any time!
  6. It is essential to rely on professionals who take care of your online image.
  7. PassepARTout designs and builds the site tailored for you, taking care of the layout and content in every detail.

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Professional advice
Elena Ferrari – Curatore e promotore artistico, talent scout, art coach

“The curator's role is to guide the artist or art lover to achieve their goal. Starting from your dreams or your most intimate desires. the purpose of the artistic curator is the evaluation and promotion of the artists' art in order to make the most of its potential”.

You are an artist?

Trust our experts to consolidate YOUR professional artistic path

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Combining passion and experience, we always devote the utmost attention to each project.

Team di esperti

The best professionals in the sector are always available for the complete management of your projects. 

Garanzia di qualità

You will receive the necessary assistance to ensure that activities run smoothly. 

Massima visibilità

Thanks to our 16 galleries in Italy and abroad, we can guarantee maximum visibility.

Take part in one of our art competitions

Consult our exhibition calendar where we offer contemporary art exhibitions, fairs and events and more.

Every individual, every Collector, every Artist is unique.
We personalize your environments with Art and style that represent your personality.

If you want to give a new image to your place or are looking for a work for your studio or home

We will be able to advise you on the best by selecting the most suitable works for you. We boast a wide range of artists and works that allow us to be able to offer you works for Luxury environments, formal and institutional environments or more democratic and traditional environments.

Trust us to furnish your favorite places with Art.

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PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery

PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery

Passepartout Unconventional Gallery
Ccurator and organizer of Art and Culture Exhibitions and is permanently present with its exhibition venues in 16 luxury and business structures in the UNA group (the most important Italian hotelier group, part of the Unipol Group) with which it has established a consolidated partnership for several years.
PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery.

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