Women in the Renaissance

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March 2024
Via G. Kepler 12, Pero (MI), Italy
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Contemporary Art Competition

Live and online exhibition

Live and online exhibition

As every year, PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery wants to pay homage to the Woman who over the centuries has had to fight to overcome discrimination and violence with the international competition Women in Rebirth, now in its 13th edition. The competition features all those women who have struggled to overcome the adversities to which life has subjected them. History gives us some figures, symbols of a femininity that has used art, poetry, sport, religion to resist and rebel against demeaning cultural models that wanted them crazy, alien, different.

The works in competition will have the strength to tell about Women and their tenacity in escaping definitions, in a world that perhaps too easily labels as "different" those who claim the right not to correspond to a stereotyped role.
Women who don't fit, therefore. Women who have told, through their life experience, how inner strength can be through too often suffocated voices and uncomfortable sensitivities.

Rules for artists

Download the regulation, read it carefully and fill it in in all its parts, you can then send it to: info@passepartoutgallery.com

Today more than ever it is important and worthy to remember the example and message that these women have left us.

A courageous message of independence, emancipation and love for life and neighbor.
A cry against violence, against the discrimination imposed by a cultural model based on prejudice.

Born from the purpose of enhance the creativity of emerging artists, this 13th edition will give all participants the opportunity to enter the world of art.

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