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October 2023
Via Cusani, 13 Milan (MI), Italy
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Art contest

Eva Kant, a perfect accomplice - 60th anniversary

Online contest - PRIZE live show

In the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Eva Kant and with the moral patronage of the Casa Editrice Astorina, PassepARTout
Unconventional Gallery officially launches the art contest “In Arte… Diabolik”.

The online contest will reward 20 artists whose works will be selected for the prestigious live art exhibition, yes
land 27 from May to June 27 2023 at the central Milan office UNAHOTELS Cusani, located in the heart of Milan a few steps between the Duomo and the Castello Sforzesco.
A huge party to celebrate the diabolical couple of the most "sought-after" Italian comic ever.
The online competition and exhibition are completely free.
No cost will be charged to artists for selection or participation in exhibitions


  • Creation of the personalized poster of the work in competition with the name and surname of the artist;
  • Online publication of the personalized poster of the contested work on the official Instagram page of PassepARTout and sharing among the partners of the event;
  • Online publication of the personalized poster of the contested work on the official PassepARTout Facebook page and sharing among the event's partners;


  • Anyone can participate in the contest without distinction of gender, age or nationality.
  • Works with glass or materials of a fragile nature are not admitted.
  • Works that contain indecorous images or that in any way offend human dignity will not be admitted.
  • For minors, the authorization of a parent or guardian will be required.
  • The Artist must necessarily follow the Instagram page @passepartoutgallery in order to allow the organizers to share the related post for the purpose of the competition.
It is possible to participate with only one work per artist.

All the works must have a single central triangular attachment, suitably fixed with nails or screws. For each work presented, a personalized poster will be created with the name of the artist on display and details of the works presented. The work must be free from any constraint of exclusivity on the part of the artist or rights holders, to allow full use by the organization. The authors also accept that the images of the works sent for the exhibition can be projected during the exhibition and the events connected to it, as well as on the web for communication and promotion needs. It is not necessary that the works are unpublished. The authors assume full responsibility for the contents of their works, including compliance with Italian and foreign legislation on copyright and privacy. The organizer may, in case of force majeure, postpone the exhibition, change the opening hours, exclude the public. He can cancel the event or close it before the scheduled date. In all cases, memberships will remain fully valid, including payments. The exhibition will be recovered as soon as possible, without losses on the part of the artists.


Eva Kant and Diabolik

The admitted categories are:
  • Painting and graphics
  • Photography
  • Digital Art – NFT – Video Art (for videos with a maximum duration of 58 seconds)
  • Sculpture (wood, terracotta, plaster, bronze, etc.)


The 20 winning works of equal merit, selected under the unquestionable judgment of the Technical Jury, composed of Board of PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery and from Astorina Publishing House will be exhibited REALLY from May 27 at 27 June 2023 at the central Milan office UNAHOTELS Cusani in Via Cusani 13, Milan.

The works will be awarded the official stamp of Astorina and PassepARTout, giving the work prestige and authority.

The official award ceremony will take place on Saturday 27 May at 18:00, during the inauguration of the event, for which a special party will be organised.


The winners will be announced via email and with online publication on the PassepARTout Instagram and Facebook pages on Monday 15 May at 18:00.

In case of winning, the transport costs for the delivery and return of the Works are borne by the artist.

No responsibility will be ascribed to the Organization for theft or damage to the Works due to transport and exhibition.

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