Art Beyond Borders

Via G. Kepler 12, Pero (MI), Italy
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Art beyond bordes passepartoutgallery
Art beyond bordes passepartoutgallery

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Art, a cultural phenomenon, an element of identity and heritage of all civilizations, surpasses conventional boundaries: incorporates elements, concepts and experiences that go beyond the ordinary. The term "Beyond” emphasizes how art is not limited to its traditional form, but expands into new territories, embracing various artistic disciplines and challenging conventional norms. The goal of Art Beyond Borders, in Italian "Art beyond borders", is that of "explore the  visual language to unite artists from all over the world” in a UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION that has become a point of reference for artists, collectors and enthusiasts of Contemporary Art. 

Seizing this great opportunity, from 2 to 11 December 2023, PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery, consolidated curator of Art Reviews, will present Art Beyond Borders, giving all participants the opportunity to enter the world of art. This 5th edition will take place at the largest and most important Business Center in Milan: UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera Milano, which, every year, welcomes thousands of guests and prestigious international companies, and with over 3000 mXNUMX of exhibition space constitutes a fundamental point of reference for all those who visit the city of Milan and the exhibition district. 

UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera, in collaboration with PassepARTout, offers a real and concrete exhibition opportunity for artists who want to take advantage of this unrepeatable opportunity. Thousands of people pass through this structure daily, offering the works greater visibility than any other art gallery.

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Partecipa anche tu al prossimo appuntamento 2024 per la 6a edizione.

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PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery

PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery

Passepartout Unconventional Gallery
Ccurator and organizer of Art and Culture Exhibitions and is permanently present with its exhibition venues in 16 luxury and business structures in the UNA group (the most important Italian hotelier group, part of the Unipol Group) with which it has established a consolidated partnership for several years.
PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery.

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